We all know that Instagram is a highlight reel of our lives. It’s the picture-perfect booklet of the moments we want to share from our lives, and a lot of people put in serious work to make their pages absolutely perfect. And if there is one thing we love on Instagram – it’s fashion. But just having a good look doesn’t mean you’ll have the perfect picture. Getting a good Instagram look is about a lot more than that, and here are all the things you should be paying attention to.

The fit 


Whenever you dress or shop for clothes, the one thing you want to look for is fit. No matter how gorgeous the print or design is, if the piece doesn’t fit your body, it just won’t look good. If you want to show off your waist, then make sure you tuck in that shirt into some high-waisted jeans, or if you want to show off your broad shoulders, a well-fitted jacket, perhaps with padding, will give you the desired effect. Make sure you know your clothing and try it out in front of the mirror in different poses. If you only see it standing up, you might not like the way it fits or creases when you sit down.

The Occasion


Just because you’re going to a festival, it doesn’t mean you need to wear the exclusive H&M Coachella line or glitter the hell out of everything you’re wearing. There is elegance in restraint and looking effortless will never go out of style. Remember that your outfit should just hint to where you’re going, it shouldn’t scream it. Thinking about the perfect look should start with a simple structure, onto which you can add more pieces and accessories to create the look you want. When you’re posting an outfit picture, there’s no need to specify where you are – the picture should speak for itself.

The surroundings


On the topic of the picture speaking for itself, you should be aware of the surroundings where you’re going to be taking the picture. If you’re going to be on a green field with lots of beautiful blue skies, then a bright yellow Jacquemus skirt is the perfect pop of color to contrast the background. If you’ll be spending some time at the beach, go for red swimming trunks, since they will perfectly stand out from the sand and sea. It’s important that the focus of the picture stays on you and your outfit, and not your surroundings: that’s what the landscape pictures and Instagram Stories are for. You can also draw inspiration for your outfit on the spot: Are you in a beautiful flower-filled garden? Pick a few flowers and stick them behind your ear, in your beard or make a flower crown. Get inspired by the location and incorporate it to get a thousand-like photo.

Stay true to your style


Your followers are there because they like you. There’s no need to pretend you’re someone you’re not, or to try and copy someone else’s style. If you’ve found a style that suits you and that both you and your followers like, stick to it and try to adapt it to fit different occasions. Nobody ever stood out and made it big by blending in. You might be tempted to copy someone’s look, but I promise you that you’ll do way better by creating a look inspired by them, but with your own twist on it. Finding your own style is a long process, and it’s completely fine if you want to change it up or cover a wide range of styles until you figure out what you actually want. Wear things that express what’s on your inside, things that you feel comfortable in and that make you happy. If you have a smile on your face every time you put an outfit together, you’ll know you’ve got it down. 

Not everyone is going to be an Instagram sensation, but everyone can have their Instagram reflect the things they love and want to share with other people. The effort you put in your pictures will directly impact the traffic you get and your following will grow. Putting thought in an outfit shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something you love to do, so make sure you’re going it for all the right reasons.


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