Halloween is near and we all are very excited about it. Halloween comes once in a yea on 31st of October and we all celebrate it with full joy, spirit and happiness. Halloween was considered as a festival of kids and children but now it’s become a festival of people of every age. An adult and old are also engaged in all the activities which is being held on the occasion of Halloween.

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Halloween parties are one of the best things which people arranged on this occasion. These parties and functions are little differ from ordinary parties as from the word describe Halloween parties, so it will be a theme or costume party for sure where people wear different kinds of costumes and enjoy the songs and food.
Halloween party or theme party are those where you can't wear your ordinary clothes because its against the norms and rules. You have to wear themed Halloween costume so that no one could recognize you. So what are the best costumes one could wear on Halloween parties. Men and kids can easily find their desired costume easily from anywhere but the main problem arises for women who are little concerned with their fashion and wants to wear different and unique clothing.
So here are some Halloween costumes ideas for women which will definitely give them a unique and hotter look.
·         Ghost Buster Costume:
Halloween is mainly known for its scary and spooky costumes and there are many parties where you have to wear ghostly and scary costumes. So if you get an invitation from any of such parties then ghost buster costumes are best for you. Ghost buster costumes are for both men and for women so don't hesitate about it that it will suits you or not. It will definitely suit you and will surely give you a unique look as well.
·         Superheroes Costumes:
The second best costume which women could wear in such Halloween parties is a superhero costume. If the Halloween party does have any mandatory costume then you can dress yourself as any superheroes from Marvel comic. You can wear a costume of black widow, or dress just like gamora. If you love DC comic then you can dress yourself as wonder women.
·         A Beautiful Fairy Costume:
A beautiful fairy costume is the unique and out class costume idea for women on this Halloween. We usually saw little kids wear those types of costumes on fancy dress and birthday parties. So no one could ever imagine wearing a fairy costume on Halloween. You can easily buy a fairy Halloween costume from any physical or online store and it will give you a unique look for sure on this Halloween.
All these costumes are perfect for women of today’s age, they can wear them at any Halloween themed party if they want to look different and hotter  from everyone else.