From our phones to our computers, technology is a part of our everyday lives — to say the least. At any given moment most of us have a bag packed with phone cords, headphones, chargers and more, so it’s about time we actually pay more attention to how these accessories look. You know, like we do with all of our other accessories.

These days, the techsessory offerings are cuter than ever. Brands are realizing fast that there’s value in melding fashion with function and creating fun, fashionable necessities that help make our very plugged-in lives a little more stylish. Gone are the days of the boring earbuds: the new headphones are available in rose gold, pastel or boho bright hand-wrapped versions. Handbag designers like Rebecca Minkoff now offer crossbody styles designed specifically for iPhones. Charging cables and cords come in every color iteration and phone cases are as important to personal style as jewelry — or any other accessory. Technology and fashion are better friends than they’ve ever been. Welcome to the new age.

If the idea of swapping out your boring black wires and more for pieces with a little more personality appeals to you, scroll through the slideshow ahead. 

Le Pom Pom

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