Matching Sets
Matching sets look very glamorous and make you look like you put a lot of effort into your look.
You don't need to wear a set, you wear items of the same colour. This creates the effect of a set without having to go and by one. This is very easy for those days when you're in a rush but you still want to look good.
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Neutral Colours
Wearing neutral colours is a simple way to put a look together without the effort of trying to match patterns. My favourite neutral colours are black, white, olive and grey.
Have some colour
Wearing clothes of all the same neutral colour, and then one brightly coloured piece makes you look like you put a lot of time into making your look. My favourite colours to wear are yellow and pink.
Denim is easily the best type of shorts/pants to wear, it makes you look expensive and like you totally weren't in a rush that morning.
Shoes and Bag
Having 1-2 good pair of shoes and a bag is essential to looking good. Make sure they match any outfit. My ideal set would be a pair of black converse, a pair of black, grey or nude heels and a large bag the same colour as the heels.
Accessorise!!! This is the easiest way to dress up any outfit. It makes you look like you spent a lot of time on your outfit. Have some go-to accessories that go with any outfit, I suggest a pair of hoops, 2 or more rings, a watch/bracelet and a necklace/choker.
Like accessories, hair is an important part of any outfit. Have two go-to hairstyles, one for normal days and one for greasy hair days. My go-to hairstyles are: having my hair down with a middle part and a high ponytail.
Obviously, you don't have to wear makeup if you don't want to but I find that this pulls the whole together. My makeup essentials for when I'm in a rush are brows, bronzer, highlight, mascara and lip balm.
I saved the best one for last! Confidence is key! You cannot look good without confidence. So strut your stuff girl, keep your head high. Remember, you look amazing!